Dear colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the major annual event of oncological science and practice – the 5th Anniversary International Forum of Oncology and Radiotherapy FOR LIFE. In the age of breakthrough technologies and dramatic discoveries, close professional communication with friends and like-minded colleagues plays a special role as oncological diseases still remain a global problem. The number of such patients is breaking all records almost globally, and according to the WHO statistics cancer incidence will be 47% higher by 2040. This is a serious challenge for our medical services requiring maximum joint efforts, new knowledge, obtaining and upgrading our qualification in a continuous mode.

It is pleasant that the forum participants can get to know the latest technologies and best practices of the experts from all over the world. The event will become a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue between a wide range of experts: not only oncologists and radiologists, but also doctors of related specialties including primary care as its role is extremely important in early cancer diagnosis.

The forum program includes thematic congresses and schools, interactive discussions and workshops containing valuable information on key areas of industry development: oncourology, oncogynecology, oncohematology, cardio-, neuro- and thoracoabdominal oncology, endovascular surgery, concomitant therapy, palliative care and many other issues. I would like to make special focus on the section of healthcare organizing where the results of oncological care will be summarized and the recommendations to improve its effectiveness will be presented. It is especially significant that almost all reports will not be recorded that makes personal presence at the event highly important.

This is to remind you that a grand award ceremony in memory of Academician A.I. Savitsky will be held during the forum. The award was established in recognition of the outstanding achievements of medical specialists, medical institutions and public organizations which fight against cancer. Another important event will be the 6th International Readings in memory of Academician A.F. Tsyba "Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment in oncology". The participants will discuss the prospects of using high technologies in medical practice and the ways to solve the issues of late diagnosis and untimely initiation of therapy.

I am sure that the days of the forum will be filled with friendly meetings with colleagues, bright emotions and confidence in future successful work. See you soon in Moscow!
Chief Non-Staff Oncologist of the Russian Ministry of Health, President of AOR, General Director of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "National Medical Research Center of Radiology" of the Russian Ministry of Health, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, M.D., Professor
Nadezhda Ivanovna Rozhkova
Dear colleagues

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the main event of this year – the 5th Anniversary International Forum of Oncology and Radiotherapy FOR LIFE. There is no doubt that this event is truly significant for all of us who are connected with the oncology service. This year our meeting will be a special one, we celebrate the 5th anniversary of our contribution to the development of oncology practice. We have prepared a truly grandiose and outstanding event of a global scale that cannot be missed!

We have gathered the most prominent oncologists and big-name speakers at one platform. I am very glad that we can meet at the Forum in person, discuss all the current problems and difficulties in work, study complex clinical cases and share experiences with each other. It is nice to see the progressive changes that are becoming more frequent in our work, the successful implementation of individual approach in each clinical case, which helps us to perform the diagnosis and therapy of tumors even better. At the meeting we will talk about the promising scientific discoveries that expand the horizons in the tactics of managing our patients. Definitely, the use of up-to-date equipment plays an oversize role in the development of the oncological service, which makes it possible to detect neoplasms at the earliest stages. Thanks to that, we can talk more and more often about the success in the treatment of oncological patients. We will continue to look for answers to the most important questions facing the oncology service, and I believe that we will definitely find the best ways to solve them by joining our efforts.

We will consider all the modern diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation achievements in oncological practice during the Forum. You will find interesting the reports on oncomammology, oncogynecology, oncopsychology, colorectal cancer, tumors of the biliopancreatoduodenal area, tumors of head and neck, neoplasms of bones and soft tissues, stomach cancer and many other topics. We will discuss the most important issues of radiation diagnostic methods usage in oncological practice and modern therapeutic possibilities in work of oncologists. You will have the opportunity to visit the award ceremony in memory of Academician A.I.Savitsky, the round table of the Association of Oncologists of Russia, section of young scientists, schools, congresses and many other exciting events. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that there will be no recordings of lectures and reports, the information will not be duplicated anywhere, so do plan a personal visit to the most important event of this year and you won't miss it for sure!

Our event is a unique and long-expected event of this year for all specialists who are looking for new approaches to successful diagnosis and treatment of neoplasms. There is no doubt that each participant will benefit greatly from participating in our Forum and acquire the most valuable skills and abilities for his or her practical activity. Dear friends, I am sure that these five days will be fruitful for you and will give you a lot of vivid impressions and positive emotions from communicating with like-minded colleagues who, just like you, are interested in the development of oncology service. I look forward to our meeting at the Forum!

Nadezhda Ivanovna Rozhkova
Head of the National Center of Oncology of Reproductive Organs, Professor of the Clinical Mammology, Radiation Diagnostics and Radiation Therapy Department of the RUDN Faculty of Medical Workers Advanced Training, Professor, M.D., Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation