The fight against cancer is a pivotal federal project in the healthcare field. Cancer still claims the lives of thousands of people in our country every year.
That is why the forces of the entire medical community with the help of innovative and progressive methods of treatment and diagnosis should safeguard the health of the nation.

The International Forum of Oncology and Radiotherapy is a platform where engaged specialists can discuss complex clinical cases, exchange experience, learn about advanced scientific research, and consolidate their efforts in providing oncological care.

The interdisciplinary format of the Forum brings together oncologists, chemo- and radiotherapists, anesthesiologists, radiation diagnosticians, therapists, endovascular surgeons, oncogynecologists, endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, dentists, health care organizers. TOGETHER – FOR LIFE! Cancer is multifaceted and insidious: it affects people regardless of age, manifests itself in different, sometimes not obvious and hard-to-reach locations, evolves and thus every time challenges the modern medicine. Therefore, the topics of the Forum cover all areas and practical aspects of prevention and diagnosis of cancer, treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients.
Let's look back together
See the full photo report of the 5th For Life Forum at the link
Join the work of the VII International Forum of Oncology and Radiotherapy! A comprehensive discussion of practical issues, acquaintance with new data, active participation of each doctor – this is the key to victory in the fight against cancer!